Master’s of Arts in Theology (Divinity)

Last Updated : August 4, 2023
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About Course

This Degree program provides the student with further academic study in history, context and message of the bible; church leadership & christian ethics.

What Will You Learn?

  • Church history and renewal.
  • Theological interpretations of the Bible.
  • How to research and write for religious disciplines
  • Examine the broad range of issues involved in interpreting the Bible.
  • Intercultural communication and engagement
  • Provide in-depth and comprehensive coverage of the contents of the Bible.
  • Life of Jesus Christ in Historical Context.
  • Methodical study of Scripture
  • Messianic Jewish Theology
  • Old and New Testament backgrounds

Course Content

Master’s of Arts in Theology (Divinity)

  • Introduction

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Stanley Harris
4 months ago
Yes, this course was a good match for me. I learned so much about preparing sermons the right way. More so, I learned the importance of depending on God.

Bachelor of Arts in Personal Coaching


Doctor of Philosophy in Theology (Divinity)

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